Creative Artist.

  Passionate Filmmaker.

  Aspiring Director.


Bilingual (fluent in English & Korean) event videographer based in Seoul, Korea.

I offer professional production services in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. Most of my video projects have involved travel, so I am open to traveling anywhere in the world and can travel on a budget. 

I have worked for major clients and companies. Client confidentiality is VERY important and it's for this reason I don't publicly display many of my projects online. I have done commercial projects, formal market research interviews for major Fortune 500 companies, sit-down interviews with world-renown researchers, and captured major events and conferences.

I shoot primarily on full-frame DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras, but also have experience shooting on Canon and Sony Cinema cameras. I also have access to all production equipment (including ARRI and RED) in Korea through the major rental shops in Seoul. 


Filming Services

I can help film your project whether it is a commercial advertisement, a short film or a documentary.


No matter how big or small your project is, I can come up with a plan to match your budget and desired production value.

Post Production

If you already have all your footage and just need an editor, I can produce a final product to match your desired end product.


Are You Ready? Let’s Work!