Fashion Designer Cres E Dim

  • CLIENTThe Butik

  • FILMING LOCATIONCres E Dim Studio (Seoul, Korea)

  • PRODUCTIONFashion Interview

The third episode of my fashion interview project with The Butik. Kim Hongbum is the epitome of a designer with ambition that drives himself to success. Many of the famous fashion designers in Korea have studied at well-known fashion institutes abroad. Education is everything in Korea, and unfortunately, receiving your fashion degree in Korea can be seen as a limitation in many ways. This didn’t prevent Kim Hongbum from making a name for himself with the Cres E Dim brand. He’s won various fashion awards and appeared on Korea’s version of Project Runway for fashion designers.

Cres. E. Dim. is a direct reference to the musical terminology of “crescendo e diminuendo” meaning getting gradually louder/stronger and gradually softer which is a theory Kim Hongbum applies in his designs and his fashion philosophy: “To create a shape and split it up, place a color on the broken shape, then let it naturally flow like a running river.” – Kim Hongbum